Expanded Learning


Expanded Learning

Expanded Learning (EXL) After School, Before School, and Bridge programs inspire youth through high-quality experiences that bolster their academic success, enrich their lives and prepare them for college and career. We serve students at 84 K-12 district and charter schools throughout Los Angeles, with 21,957 students enriched with after-school programming in 2016 alone.

Impact Statement

To increase students’ college and career readiness, increase their knowledge in academic and non-academic subject areas, and increase their self-reliance and persistence.


Beyond the Bell, PUC Schools, ICEF Schools, Magnolia Schools, Celerity Schools, The Accelerated School, SEA Schools, ALTA Public Schools, Fenton Schools, Alliance Schools, Camino Nuevo Schools, Vaughn Next Century Learning Schools, YPICS

Zip Codes That We Serve

We serve select sites throughout Los Angeles and one school in Orange County.

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