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We transform Los Angeles neighborhoods using a holistic approach to reduce poverty by ensuring youth and families have access to high-quality educational and economic opportunities, enabling a successful transition from cradle to college and career.

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For more than 30 years, YPI has provided a holistic approach to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty by ensuring access to high-quality education, workforce training and opportunities, and essential services for youth and families.

From cradle to college and career, we transform Los Angeles neighborhoods into centers of opportunity and promise.

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Eric Garcetti, Mayor, City of Los Angeles
YPI is the glue that brings families and communities together. It's the connection between people of different backgrounds, neighborhoods, ages, and philosophies. It's a bridge that's able to take young people from despair to hope, from disconnection to connection, and, ultimately, to take the pressing problem of poverty and find a pathway to finally find opportunity for everybody.
Joe Sanberg, Founder, Golden State Opportunity Foundation
YPI is an audacious and inspiring organization engaged in the process of actually fixing things – broken systems and conditions that need more than a band-aid. They understand that we are all connected and fully human. which is a call to action that we need more YPIs.
Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education
YPI's results prove that a place-based, high-touch approach really works. Young people can do anything if we give them opportunities.
Youth Policy Institute
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From cradle to-college-and-career, we transform Los Angeles neighborhoods into centers of opportunity and promise. http://www.ypi.org/events
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