Gratitude: Emily, Girls & Gangs

Gratitude: Emily, Girls & Gangs

By her mid-teens, Emily was placed at an all-girls probation camp within the L.A. County Juvenile Justice System. A YPI case manager, Vanessa, met her while she was still incarcerated, to help her gain the life skills she would need to transition back into the outside world.

“I was 14. I had no hopes, no future, no dreams. When I first met Vanessa, she said, ‘I will be there for you.’ I did not believe her back then. I wasn’t ready to change. Vanessa has been there for me. She even went to my graduation; my mom couldn’t go. She also helped me with money and the dress for my graduation. Sometimes water is thicker than blood.”

After successfully completing her probation period and re-entry programs with YPI’s Girls & Gangs program, Emily continues to have steady employment and is enjoying time with her new baby.

Every year, YPI serves more than 115,000 members of our community like Emily who are breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Your year-end donation will help transform their lives in 2017 and beyond.

Please remember YPI, and the youth and families we serve in your year-end giving.


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