Voices of YPI: Briana Erhard

Voices of YPI: Briana Erhard

The LA Marathon is March 24! This year we have 25 runners participating on behalf of YPI, helping us raise money for our Promise Scholars.  Briana Erhard from our Health + Wellness Department is one of these amazing runners who is excited for the big day this coming Sunday. Here is a bit about her. 

My name is Briana Erhard and I’m a Food & Nutrition Coordinator for YPI’s Health + Wellness Department. This year I am running the full LA Marathon for #TeamYPI and our Promise Scholars.

I have been with YPI since March 2017 and am responsible for designing and implementing food access programs for the community, including fresh food distribution and nutrition education.

One of my most memorable experience at YPI was last spring during H+W’s Family Fitness Expo that we planned for the community. It was an amazing opportunity to combine all of our programs into one fun, engaging event for our participants. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Family Fitness Expo on May 18.

I decided to run the marathon because it will allow me to directly impact another YPI program –– the Promise Scholars. The opportunity to challenge myself and bring my community together to support future leaders encouraged me to run.

This will be my second full marathon. I ran the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in the fall of 2013, and since then I have done a few other runs including the Joshua Tree Half Marathon. I’ve been preparing for the 26.2 miles by combining several different practices to balance my training. I usually go on 3-4 runs a week and always do a long run on Sundays. I’ve also been very intentional about practicing yoga to build strength and flexibility. Recovery has been extremely important and helpful throughout the past months of training as well. The best support has been the encouragement from my family and friends.

If I could offer advice to our young Promise Scholars, I would encourage them to push beyond the limits of what is comfortable. This is truly when you will find the greatest opportunities for learning and growth. Believe in yourself, be gentle with yourself, and know that you can achieve your greatest dreams!

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