Health & Wellness


YPI has offered fitness and nutrition programs since 2007, when we received our first US Department of Education Carol White Physical Education grant. Focused on promoting nutrition and physical fitness for students and their families, this grant sparked the growth of a Health and Wellness Department that now offers unique programs that support nutrition education workshops, group fitness classes, and school based community gardens.


Our community centric nutrition education includes a focus on budgeting and healthy eating for families. Through the workshops and grocery tours, families are able to have hands-on support to better understand how to read labels, maximize money spent on food, and learn new and healthy recipes for their families. Lessons from workshops and grocery store tours are then taken back to their families, creating a ripple effect benefiting the whole household.

In 2016 alone, over 3,500 students engaged in our physical education and general wellness programs, 2,813 boxes of fresh produce were provided for low-income families, and 1,444 individuals attended our healthy living and nutrition workshops.


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